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  • The Cost of Cruises: Planned Caribbean Port Would Destroy Coral Reefs

    23rd June 2015, By Taylor Hill, TakePart’s associate environment and wildlife editor. Repost by TakePart. If you have to destroy the pristine reef systems that attract tourists to your island in the first place, is an expanded cruise ship port really worth it? The government of Grand Cayman Island has […]

  • The costa del concrete: then and now (in pictures)

    then… and now… By Jo Blasson, on Tuesday 20th January, 2015 An insigthful photo feature in The Guardian shows how the Mediterranean and Spain’s northern coastlines (Alicante, Malaga, Girona, Cantabria, Valencia, Mallorca, Ibiza, Gijon, Murcia) have been redeveloped. Archive pictures are used and the same locations photographed as they are […]

  • Connecting past and present socio-ecological struggles: The “Barceloneta Cooperative Memory Project”

    By Irmak Ertör – Taken from the ENTITLE BLOG   Barceloneta is one of the most charismatic neighbourhoods in the city of Barcelona. It has a powerful history of cooperatives run autonomously by their workers and inhabitants. The history of the neighbourhood—its name meaning ‘little Barcelona’—dates back to the 18th century. […]