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Coming together demanding environmental and social justice with a global movement to reclaim our oceans and coastlines

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  • With Supreme Court challenge, tech billionaire could dismantle beach access rights — and a landmark coastal law (California)

    Published in L.A. Times  By ROSANNA XIA | March 06, 2018  The California Coastal Act for decades has scaled back mega-hotels, protected wetlands and, above all, declared that access to the beach was a fundamental right guaranteed to everyone. But that very principle could be dismantled in the latest chapter of an all-out […]

  • Identity, Politics, and the Beach: Environmental Activism in Surfers Against Sewage

    – Surfing as Commoning –  An academic paper by, Belinda Wheaton, Chelsea School, University of Brighton, UK in Leisure Studies, Vol. 26, No. 3, 279–302, July 2007 ABSTRACT – Academic accounts of leisure activities like surfing tend to emphasise their individualistic, hedonistic and commercialised qualities, seeing this as characteristic of leisure consumption […]