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Coming together demanding environmental and social justice with a global movement to reclaim our oceans and coastlines

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    During the deepening economic crisis in Greece, the government has been looking for new ways to bring profits to the lenders. This time they have put the country’s beaches and shores in the firing line. The prime minister aims to reduce bureaucracy and increase investments, but critics fear it will destroy […]

  • Ανοιχτή επιστολή προς Δήμαρχο Σωτήρας Αμμοχώστου κ. Γεώργιο Τάκκα (Cyprus)

    Τhis is an open letter to the Mayor of Sotira municipality in Cyprus from the Initiative for the Protection of the Natural Coastline in Cyprus asking for clarification regarding his announcement for the creation of a bridge to connect the beach with a small island in an already intervened Natura […]

  • Association continues to push for right to walk along the shoreline (Ontario, Canada)

    Garry Skerrett and Betty Van Osch haven’t given up on a bill that would give a better understanding of what is considered public property along the Great Lakes in Ontario. Skerrett, the founder of the Ontario Shorewalk Association, and president Betty Van Osch hope to see newly elected MPP Wayne […]

  • Save the Greek Seashore

    Outcry over bill allowing unlimited construction on Greek coastline Athens: Environmental organisations, social media activists, as well as political parties and several public figures have denounced a proposed law that would end free public access to the Greek coastline, remove deterrent provisions to construction, provide an amnesty to those who have […]