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ITQs Archive

  • ITQs: A Road of No Return

    Published by FiskerForum, 11-01-2017 · | Original article can be found here. A strongly-worded position paper published by the Low Impact Fishers of Europe (LIFE) Platform has come out firmly against Individual Transferable Quotas (ITQs) as an integral component of EU fisheries policies and management, which LIFE says have […]

  • Privatising the common fisheries policy

    By Liza Griffin, 4 October 2012, Open Democracy This vital matter of public concern, with far-reaching ramifications for our relationship to nature should be subject to greater democratic debate. Fish are a matter of public concern. Stories concerning rebellious fishers protesting against draconian EU regulation often fill the pages of […]

  • The Privatization of Chile’s Sea

    A series of protests have erupted across Chile over the past year regarding a law that will impact the country’s fishing industry. Proponents say the law is needed in order to protect depleted fish reserves and ensure the sustainability of the industry, but opponents say the law seeks to privatize […]