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High seas Archive

  • How we ruined the oceans

    A feature article in the U.S. magazine ‘The Week‘ briefly discusses how collective ignorance is destroying our common heritage. How we ruined the oceans The Week Staff, February 14, 2015 Why are the oceans in trouble? They can no longer absorb the damage inflicted by the 7 billion people on Earth. […]

  • When island nations drown, who owns their seas?

    As climate change jeopardizes the huge ocean claims of tiny nations, experts propose some bold legal solutions By Latif Nasser, in BostonGlobe | OCTOBER 19, 2014 OVER THE PAST several years, it’s become clear that one of the starkest potential effects of climate change is the existential threat that rising […]

  • Governing the oceans – The tragedy of the high seas

    IN 1968 an American ecologist, Garrett Hardin, published an article entitled “The Tragedy of the Commons”. He argued that when a resource is held jointly, it is in individuals’ self-interest to deplete it, so people will tend to undermine their collective long-term interest by over-exploiting rather than protecting that asset. […]