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Coming together demanding environmental and social justice with a global movement to reclaim our oceans and coastlines

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guardian Archive

  • Who own Britain | Land reforms in Scotland

    A what-seems-to-be-irrelevant article in the Guardian gives an account about how Scotland is aiming to help communities become in charge of land that surround them back from big landowners.  No wonder landowners are scared. We are starting to learn who owns Britain By George Monbiot Bring out the violins. The land […]

  • Guardian: Marine mining – Underwater gold rush sparks fears of ocean catastrophe

    Interesting article published in The Guardian on the 2nd of March 2014. Author: Suzanne Goldenberg  This is the last frontier: the ocean floor, 4,000 metres beneath the waters of the central Pacific, where mining companies are now exploring for the rich deposits of ores needed to keep industry humming and smartphones […]