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Coming together demanding environmental and social justice with a global movement to reclaim our oceans and coastlines

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Documentary Archive

  • Canning Paradise (Documentary on land dispossession in Papua New Guinea)

    Canning Paradise (2012) | 90 min  Documentary | Fourth World Films By Charlène Jouanneau | Program Officer | Bloom Association “Canning Paradise” is a documentary directed by Olivier Pollet and released in 2012. This movie presents the story surrounding the settlement of tuna factories and its consequences on indigenous populations in Papua New […]

  • Stealing from the poor (documentary)

    A documentary by Exandas Have you ever asked yourself where does the fish you eat come from? If you had, you would be controlling a huge pirate industry which commits a crime in your dish! The ever-rising demand for fish in the international market has driven European and Asian fishing […]

  • Walking Under Water – The Story of Badjao and the Lost Kingdom of Ocean Nomads (Documentary)

    I watched this documentary at a documentary festival in Limassol, Cyprus during early August. I was so eager to watch it, I appropriately went straight from the beach, still itching from the dried sea salt on my skin 🙂 The film was beautifully made, and gave me that Utopian feeling […]