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  • Years of wrongdoing: territorial disarticulation and the current Chiloé crisis

    Published in entitleblog on the 14th of June 2016 By Beatriz Bustos and Felipe Irarrázaval* The recent social and environmental crisis in Chiloé, Southern Chile, triggered by a massive marine life disaster, stems from a long-standing territorial disarticulation between the state, the salmon industry and local communities when implementing regional […]

  • Newfoundland & Labrador’s Northern Shrimp Inshore Fleet: a lesson in the importance of small scale fisheries

    An interesting report coming out of a study exploring the impacts of political decisions to cut back quota allocations from small scale fishers in Newfoundland and Labrador. Guest post by Dr. Erin Carruthers on Small scale fisheries are crucial for the social and economic well-being of coastal communities. But […]

  • Vietnamese coastal communities need our help!

    Coastal disaster in Central Vietnam Recently, unknown event has led to a mass of dead fish washing up along the central coasts of Vietnam. A few days ago, more than 200 people were seriously poisoned after eating the fish in one community in central Vietnam (Ha Tinh, Quang Tri, Quang Binh, […]

  • Enclosing the Sea. Remaking Work and Leisure Spaces on the Naples Waterfront, 1870–1900

    By Marco Armiero In Radical History Review 2011 Volume 2011, Number 109: 13-35   Abstract: At the end of nineteenth century, the city of Naples, Italy was hit by a cholera epidemic that affected the fishers’ neighborhoods that lined the seaboard with special intensity. As a consequence of the epidemic, the area was transformed from […]

  • The Making and Reclaiming of Communal Spaces in Beirut

    This is a lecture / presentation of the story of Dalieh, a very narrow public strip along the coast that has been characterized as public for so long even though the lots are privately owned. It is part of the city’s historical relation with the sea and part of the few places […]

  • Ocean-grabbing threatens the food security of entire communities

    by Olivier De Schutter. Source: The Ecologist Olivier De Schutter warns that the current state of the marine environment signals not a future ecological disaster, but one that is already with us. All over the world, food systems and the ecosystems they rely on are coming under pressure from the […]