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Coming together demanding environmental and social justice with a global movement to reclaim our oceans and coastlines

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Blue Growth Archive

  • What the Fish?!

    An interesting contribution to the EU’s “international ocean governance” public consultation: A public consultation on the “international ocean governance” was initiated by the European Commission. It was closed on October 15, 2015. According to the Commission’s definition, “governance” includes the “rules, institutions, processes, agreements, arrangements and activities carried out to manage […]

  • Limits to Blue Growth (joint NGO position paper)

    From the Seas at Risk website Limits to Blue Growth – Joint NGO position paper, October 2012 view pdf | download pdf   Integrated Maritime Policy   The Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) seeks to enhance the coherence and coordination of maritime policies across sectors. Seas At Risk seeks to ensure […]

  • With blue growth, like with green capitalism, the problem is not in the color

    An interesting reportage by Corinne Morel Darleux from Friday, the 24th of January 2014 as a preface to the roundtable discussion the Left Party of France (le parti de gauche) organised on the 25th of January. Many thanks to Charlène Jouanneau for kindly translating the article into English. Original article […]

  • Growing Aquamarine Dreams: The European Union’s final push for growth

    On the 11th of September, the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced his team of Commissioners – the new Juncker Commission. According to Jean-Claude Juncker, the main goals of the new European Commission is to deliver change in order to tackle the political challenges evident in Europe and focus on “getting […]

  • Choosing between Blue Growth and Degrowth – The need to reclaim the right to the sea

    *Short paper and poster presented by Maria Hadjimichael during the Degrowth Conference which took place in Leipzig during September 2014 – The poster in good resolution can be found here: Hadjimichael_Bluegrowth Degrowth2014 – In the current climate of the global financial crisis, developed countries are increasingly focused on economic growth and development, […]