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Beirut Archive

  • Beirut’s stolen coast and the growing fight to get it back

    In The Beirut Report, 23rd November 2016 Activists have put together this great new video looking at how Beirut’s natural rocky coastline has basically been stolen from the public, destroyed and turned into concrete marinas for private resorts.   What’s particularly interesting about the video is that it uses maps […]

  • Re-mapping Beirut one art project at a time. Making the most of wasted opportunities

    Posted Monday 4th July, 2016, In the HuckMagazine. Text by Laurence Cornet; Photography © Feature image: Houssam-Mchaimech. All others: Bryan Denton Through a series of interactive performance pieces, art collective Dictaphone Group is fighting for the one thing Lebanon is lacking: public space. At a corner of Beirut’s Martyrs’ Square, […]

  • How activists reclaimed Beirut’s coast and why it matters

    A wonderful account of reclaiming Beirut’s coast with the latest being a protest aiming to occupy one of the upscale marinas built on public property known as Zaitunay Bay. Details follow on the report published in Beirut report. Quote of the day:  “Now that we have liberated the coast, let’s go […]

  • Latest from the Dalieh: Raouche rocks to become protected natural site (Lebanon)

    By Mazin Sidahmed| Re-post from the Daily Star BEIRUT: The Environment Ministry is in the process of making Beirut’s landmark Raouche rocks a “natural site,” Environment Minister Mohammad Machnouk said during the launching of a new marine biodiversity report Tuesday. “The ministry is working on a project to specify and characterize […]

  • How to access the natural shore of Beirut? (video)

    A wonderful short clip made by Nahnoo, a “non-sectarian and non-partisan youth-led organization“, as part of a campaign to protect the public coast in Beirut and bring it back to the public.

  • Revisiting Dalieh: Calling for future visions along Beirut’s coast

    The Civil Campaign to Protect the Dalieh of Raouche (CCPDR) has put together a very creative short film to promote its campaign! It is part of a fundraising for its open ideas competition for the future of the Dalieh. The Civil Campaign to Protect the Dalieh of Raouche (CCPDR), also […]

  • Police raze Beirut fishermen homes

    Reclaim the Sea has been following closely the developments around the story of the Dalieh, the last section of the seashore in Beirut which has not been privatized. Only a few days ago, RTS re-posted the story of the fishermen of Raouché and the difficulties they face as there is […]

  • The Fishermen of Raouché (Lebanon)

    A beautiful but sad description about the difficulties faced by the last remaining fishers of Raouché, an unspoilt part of Beirut’s coastline defined by natural rock formations that protrude from the sea like two white beacons. Raouché is part of the Daliyeh (Dalieh), a small peninsula and one of the few remaining public spaces […]

  • Lebanon’s Kurdish community reclaim the Dalieh

    This is a blog post combining two articles by Habib Battah on Beirut Report. The two original articles can be found here and here. The photos used are also from Battah’s articles. As is custom, the Persian holiday of Nowruz was planned to be celebrated on the 21st of March […]

  • Activists sue state over coast privatization (Beirut)

    By Habib Battah, in Beirut Report.   Activists alleged that the state has illegally provided tens of thousands of square meters of public shoreline to well-connected investors. The move paves the way for the creation of at least five new massive resort projects on the last stretch of undeveloped coast in […]