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Puerto Rico: Petition to protect the beaches and the coasts of Puerta de Tierra

5 years ago, Written by , Posted in Actions, Civil Society, Reclaiming the Sea

A Puertorican initiative is asking for the protection of the beaches and marine waters of Puerta de Tierra which are of high ecological, cultural, historical, landscape, recreational and tourist value. According to the initiative, the historic area of Puerta de Tierra is framed with forts and contains special ecological value ecosystems such as endangered coral reefs (i.e. Acropora palmata).

The petition can be found here, and the actions of this initiative can be followed from their facebook page!


  • Freddy Velez

    Residents of Puerta de Tierra at the State Capitol protesting Paseo de Puerta de Tierra, a goverment’s construction proyect threatening the costal zone of the Isleta de San Juan.