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Limits to Blue Growth (joint NGO position paper)

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From the Seas at Risk website

Limits to Blue Growth – Joint NGO position paper, October 2012

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Integrated Maritime Policy   Seas At Risk News Item

The Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) seeks to enhance the coherence and coordination of maritime policies across sectors. Seas At Risk seeks to ensure that environmental protection is at the heart of any long-term economic agenda and in full compliance with the EU’s Good Environmental Status 2020 objective.
Seas At Risk’s main concern is that the Integrated Maritime Policy has a predominantly economic agenda, and considers the marine environment and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive as a mere “pillar”, which has to compete with broader economic considerations.The Integrated Maritime Policy covers the following cross-cutting policies: blue growth, marine data and knowledge, maritime spatial planning, integrated maritime surveillance and sea basin strategies.

The IMP’s Blue Growth initiative has identified five priority areas for future creation of growth and employment, i.e. ocean renewable energy, aquaculture, maritime and coastal tourism, exploitation and mining of marine mineral resources and blue biotechnology. For most of these sectors, the magnitude and scope of environmental impacts are highly uncertain and partly unknown. Seas At Risk is therefore advocating a precautionary approach that respects the constraints to growth that are set by the EU’s Good Environmental Status 2020 goal.

Maritime Spatial Planning is intended to become the main coordinating tool under the IMP. The Commission recently issued a proposal for Directive on Maritime Spatial Planning in combination with Integrated Coastal Management. Seas At Risk will work to ensure that the proposal is fully framed by the Good Environmental Status target as defined in the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.


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Limassol Declaration

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Joint NGO position paper: MSP-ICM proposed Directive 2013

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