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In Cyprus there are at least two National pieces of legislation that relate directly to the sea;

The Fisheries Law; which sets rules on when, where and how fishing activities are allowed to take place within the Cyprus territorial waters (within the 12 nautical mile limit). Legislation can be found in the official website of the competent authority which is the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research. In the same website, the regulations on the aquaculture law can also be found.

The Marine Strategy Law (2011); this strategy aims to protect and restore Cyprus’ marine ecosystems and to ensure the ecological sustainability of economic activities linked to the marine environment. There is currently a discussion at the Cyprus Parliament for the amendment of the regulation so that is  following the European strategy.

The Beach Protection Law; which sets the legal framework on what kind of interventions are allowed or not, what are the responsibilities of the competent authorities and what is the penalty for non-compliance. Cyprus, as part of the European Union is a signatory to the Protocol on Integrated Coastal Zone Management (Council Decision 2010/631/EU) thus is obliged by law to conform to it. The report from the competent authority in Cyprus on the importance of this legislation and what the Cypriot authorities are required to do can be found here (in Greek).

Beaches – What you need to know:

There is a leaflet from Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) stating peoples rights and obligations at the beach. The complete text can be found here. Please note that there have been updates regarding beaches where dogs are allowed since this leaflet was prepared.