Reclaim the Sea

Coming together demanding environmental and social justice with a global movement to reclaim our oceans and coastlines

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Know Your Rights

Even though marine and coastal space (except from the high seas which is the space that extends beyond the 200 nautical mile limit) it is an area of public domain, it has always been thought to be part of the Earth’s commons.

“Commons are the gifts of nature, managed and shared by a community, which the community is willing and able to defend. They are resources not commodities, possessed not property, managed not owned” (from the Vocabulary of Commons) (find more information on the commons in the educational material¬†page).

Coastal communities but also citizens in general, have for long enjoyed these coastal and marine spaces with the view that they have the historical rights to be the legitimate users. The movement to reclaim the sea strongly argues that coastal communities and citizens should retain that right, and reclaim it if it has been taken away. 

We also find important to point out that we put our fight to reclaim the sea within the wider degrowth movement which is a movement that “calls for a future where societies live within their ecological means, with open, localized economies and resources more equally distributed through new forms of democratic institutions.

At times where our rights are taken away in order to create new spaces for profit, we feel it is important to be aware of existing legal instruments that can be useful in our fight to reclaim the sea. In these pages, you will find various instruments, international, EU and national ones, which are important for citizens to be aware of.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any queries you have but also if you have any additions for this site. We are hoping that our ‘national’ section will slowly expand to include legislative measures from many countries.