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Join the campaign to protect the Southeast coast from offshore drilling

5 years ago, Written by , Posted in Actions, Articles, Media re-posts

As more communities along the Atlantic pass resolutions against offshore drilling, South Environmental Law Center (SELC) and our partners have launched a new campaign to demonstrate the widespread support for protecting our coast from this threat.

Think about the many special places you love along the Southeast coast, whether because they’re the site of an annual family pilgrimage or because they offer a nearby retreat. These places have been put at risk by a federal proposal to open the waters off our coast to offshore oil and gas exploration.

Our new campaign highlights those special places and what will be at stake if drilling is allowed. you can order a free sticker to show your support or download images to share on social media with the hashtag #protectourcoast. Do you have an OBX or HHI sticker proudly displayed? Add a free “Don’t Drill” one to it. By displaying your sticker and sharing the photos, you will join the many voices that have risen up to oppose drilling off our beloved beaches.

With so much at risk, now is the time to tell our governors and other elected officials we don’t want this off our shores. Visit to join us in protecting the coast we love.