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  • The Wealth of the Commons

    A book on the commons, common for everyone to use and read online! For anyone and everyone who wishes to discover the possibilities of a society with its foundations on the idea of the commons. The commons are as varied as life itself, and yet everyone involved with them shares […]

  • The commons are making a comeback

    November 2, 2014 | In Aljazeera Opinion | by Nathan Schneider The commons is an old, simple idea but one that we have never needed so urgently. It’s whatever a community of people shares and manages together. A commons can be anything from a lake that has been fished for centuries to a […]

  • Feminism And the Politics of the Commons

    An article by Sylvia Federici on  the politics of the commons from a feminist perspective where “feminist” refers to a standpoint shaped by the struggle against sexual discrimination and over reproductive work, which is the rock upon which society is built and by which every model of social organization must be tested. […]

  • Seth Macinko – Has the Leopard Changed its Spots? Some thoughts on the challenges awaiting small scale fisheries

    University of Rhode Island Associate Professor Seth Macinko delivering his keynote speech to the delegates of the 6th World Forum of Fisher Peoples (WFFP) General Assembly.

  • The Global Ocean Grab

    A new report, The Global Ocean Grab, was published by the Transnational Institute, Masifundise andAfrika Kontakt together with WFFP. The term ‘ocean grabbing’ aims to cast new light on important processes that are negatively affecting the people and communities whose way of life and cultural identity depend on small-scale fishing and related activities. Small-scale fishers and fishing […]

  • The Real Tragedy

    This is the from the new book Our Common Wealth: The Hidden Economy That Makes Everything Else Work, a collection of writings from Jonathan Rowe (1946-2011). Rowe was a co-founder of On the Commons and a co-editor of On the In the belief system called economics, it is an article of […]

  • The Making and Reclaiming of Communal Spaces in Beirut

    This is a lecture / presentation of the story of Dalieh, a very narrow public strip along the coast that has been characterized as public for so long even though the lots are privately owned. It is part of the city’s historical relation with the sea and part of the few places […]

  • Shifting rights in a market-based economy (powerpoint presentation / slides)