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  • Re-mapping Beirut one art project at a time. Making the most of wasted opportunities

    Posted Monday 4th July, 2016, In the HuckMagazine. Text by Laurence Cornet; Photography © Feature image: Houssam-Mchaimech. All others: Bryan Denton Through a series of interactive performance pieces, art collective Dictaphone Group is fighting for the one thing Lebanon is lacking: public space. At a corner of Beirut’s Martyrs’ Square, […]

  • Fisherfolks say no to the Coastal Fisheries Initiative

    Joint Press Statement by the World Forum of Fisher Peoples’ (WFFP) and the World Forum of Fish Harvesters and Fish Workers (WFF) With the Coastal Fisheries Initiative (CFI) the FAO, the World Bank, Conservation International and others have launched a wide reaching program aiming at the reform of fisheries policy […]

  • The fall of Croatian Government’s „little Norway“ – no contract signing for Adriatic oil drilling

    By S.O.S. Adriatic The harmful project of exploration and exploitation of oil and gas in the Adriatic Sea is about to fall apart. One of the reasons is the big public opposition, as well as the S.O.S. Adriatic campaign. Citizens clearly showed that they care about the Adriatic. At Thursday’s (24.9.2015.) […]

  • How activists reclaimed Beirut’s coast and why it matters

    A wonderful account of reclaiming Beirut’s coast with the latest being a protest aiming to occupy one of the upscale marinas built on public property known as Zaitunay Bay. Details follow on the report published in Beirut report. Quote of the day:  “Now that we have liberated the coast, let’s go […]

  • Join the campaign to protect the Southeast coast from offshore drilling

    As more communities along the Atlantic pass resolutions against offshore drilling, South Environmental Law Center (SELC) and our partners have launched a new campaign to demonstrate the widespread support for protecting our coast from this threat. Think about the many special places you love along the Southeast coast, whether because […]

  • Protest against illegal constructions along the coast (Northern Cyprus)

    Protesters demonstrated yesterday against illegal constructions along the coast. The protest was held in Boğaz which is along the east facing coast, above Famagusta. A relevant article in Turkish can be found here.    

  • How to access the natural shore of Beirut? (video)

    A wonderful short clip made by Nahnoo, a “non-sectarian and non-partisan youth-led organization“, as part of a campaign to protect the public coast in Beirut and bring it back to the public.

  • Oil and gas company applies for permit to drill borehole close to Bridgend (South Wales, U.K.)

    Article is from Wales Online. A petition against this development has started and can be found here. The company behind a series of applications to test drill for gas in South Wales has applied for a permit to start work on land in a village near to where scenes for […]

  • Revisiting Dalieh: Calling for future visions along Beirut’s coast

    The Civil Campaign to Protect the Dalieh of Raouche (CCPDR) has put together a very creative short film to promote its campaign! It is part of a fundraising for its open ideas competition for the future of the Dalieh. The Civil Campaign to Protect the Dalieh of Raouche (CCPDR), also […]

  • Open letter to the Greek Government by a citizens assembly in Crete – “A left government has the duty to protect the beaches”

    The Editors’ Newspaper (efimerida ton sintakton) has published an open letter written by the Open Assembly of the Residents of Nea Chora in Chania, Crete who have been fighting for the fair use of the coastline. The Ministers of Interior and Economics have announced a common position where they seem […]