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  • Pirate Fishing – An Interactive Investigation

    Aljazeera created a game that helps understand IUU fishing and its impact on coastal communities in Africa. Visit the website and explore this interactive investigation into the multi-million dollar illegal fishing trade.  

  • Stealing from the poor (documentary)

    A documentary by Exandas Have you ever asked yourself where does the fish you eat come from? If you had, you would be controlling a huge pirate industry which commits a crime in your dish! The ever-rising demand for fish in the international market has driven European and Asian fishing […]

  • The Privatization of Chile’s Sea

    A series of protests have erupted across Chile over the past year regarding a law that will impact the country’s fishing industry. Proponents say the law is needed in order to protect depleted fish reserves and ensure the sustainability of the industry, but opponents say the law seeks to privatize […]

  • Deep-seas: a call against the destruction of a beautiful (un)known world

    Histioteuthis Heteropsis Jewel squid. Make up by Lorna Strachan, Glasgow, Scotland. Photograph: Felicity Millward/Bloom Assocation/LUSH Photos and a video from a project to support the campaign against deep-sea trawling by the Bloom Association. For this project, some beautiful deep-sea body paintings were created to symbolise the amazing diversity of deep-sea life. You can sign the […]

  • Seth Macinko – Has the Leopard Changed its Spots? Some thoughts on the challenges awaiting small scale fisheries

    University of Rhode Island Associate Professor Seth Macinko delivering his keynote speech to the delegates of the 6th World Forum of Fisher Peoples (WFFP) General Assembly.

  • Walking Under Water – The Story of Badjao and the Lost Kingdom of Ocean Nomads (Documentary)

    I watched this documentary at a documentary festival in Limassol, Cyprus during early August. I was so eager to watch it, I appropriately went straight from the beach, still itching from the dried sea salt on my skin 🙂 The film was beautifully made, and gave me that Utopian feeling […]

  • Protest for the protection of the Natural Coastline (video) (Cyprus)

    The press release from the action can be found here and you can follow the group on facebook here.

  • The Making and Reclaiming of Communal Spaces in Beirut

    This is a lecture / presentation of the story of Dalieh, a very narrow public strip along the coast that has been characterized as public for so long even though the lots are privately owned. It is part of the city’s historical relation with the sea and part of the few places […]

  • Shifting rights in a market-based economy (powerpoint presentation / slides)