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Walking Under Water – The Story of Badjao and the Lost Kingdom of Ocean Nomads (Documentary)

5 years ago, Written by , Posted in Articles, Civil Society, Multimedia

I watched this documentary at a documentary festival in Limassol, Cyprus during early August. I was so eager to watch it, I appropriately went straight from the beach, still itching from the dried sea salt on my skin 🙂

The film was beautifully made, and gave me that Utopian feeling of being one with the ocean, respecting both its powers and its gifts. Suddenly it takes you back to reality. The Badjao, the ocean nomads are pushed to extinction by modern civilization. Once being half fish half human, they have become strangers on their own waters. With no IDs, citizenship and money, they are called illegal immigrants and receive no help from the authorities who have driven them off the sea to live in slum settlements on land.

Watch the trailer and have a look on the website for more information about the Badjaos