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Deep-seas: a call against the destruction of a beautiful (un)known world

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Histioteuthis Heteropsis Jewel squid. Make up by Lorna Strachan, Glasgow, Scotland. Photograph: Felicity Millward/Bloom Assocation/LUSH

Photos and a video from a project to support the campaign against deep-sea trawling by the Bloom Association. For this project, some beautiful deep-sea body paintings were created to symbolise the amazing diversity of deep-sea life. You can sign the Petition here.

Paris, France
Paragorgia Bubblegum coral. Make up by Maeva Coree, Paris, France. Photograph: Alexandre Faraci/Bloom Assocation/LUSH


Milan, Italy
Coryphaenoides rupestris Roundnose Grenadier. Milan, Italy. Photograph: Bloom Assocation/LUSH


Helsinki, Finland
Promachocrinus kerguenlensis Sea Lily. Make up by Riina Laine, Helsinki, Finland. Photograph: Vanessa Forsten/Bloom Assocation/LUSH


Hamburg, Germany
Stauroteuthis syrtensis Dumbo octopus. Make up by Léonie Gené, Hamburg, Germany.Photograph: Janine Gallert/Bloom Assocation/LUSH


Zagreb, Croatia
Melanostomias tentaculatus Scaleless black dragonfish. Make up by Jasmina Bator, Zagreb, Croatia. Photograph: Vanja Šolin/Bloom Assocation/LUSH


Madrid, Spain.
Aglantha sp. Madrid, Spain. Photograph: Silvia Quiros/Bloom Assocation/LUSH


Make up by Carolyn Roper, London
Histioteuthis Heteropsis Jewel squid. Make up by Carolyn Roper, London. Photograph: Richard Skyns/Bloom Association/LUSH


Make up by Nadja Hluchovsky, Vienna, Austria
Hexactinellidé . Make up by Nadja Hluchovsky, Vienna, Austria. Photograph: Anja Lampert/Bloom Association/LUSH


Make up by Anneke van der Does, Amsterdam
Paraeuchaeta barbata Predatory copepod. Make up by Anneke van der Does, Amsterdam.Photograph: Alex de Groot/Bloom Assocation/LUSH

Photos taken from a relevant article in the guardian.



This video was produced to assist the work of the BLOOM Association. Video production support is provided by the Conservation Media Group (CMG). Production by Compass Light. Music from “Escape Artist” by Zoe Keating.